Technology events take place throughout the year. Now and then people are coming up with new technologies. So, these events take place to announce the launch of these new products, tell them about the unique features, and more. These events are placed where professionals get the opportunity to form networks. Here are the major technological events of the year.

The August Fest


Date: 3rd – 4th September 2016
Venue: Hyderabad, India
It is the largest startup festival in India celebrating Arts, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. There will be more than 100 speakers and thousands of startup enthusiasts from more than 20 countries. In this event, there will be remarkable speakers, marketers, entrepreneurs and more from across Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the U.S.

Pirate Summit


Date: 6th – 7th September 2016
Venue: Cologne, Germany
This event brings together investors and entrepreneurs of the digital world. It is the world’s largest invitation-only conference for investors, startups, and corporate executives. There will be participants from more than 70 countries.

Business of Software


Date: 12th – 14th September 2016
Venue: Boston, MA
There will be only 300 attendees who will allow better networking opportunities. There will be influential speakers who will be sharing their knowledge of various software-related topics. You will be able to be part of a global community of people who care about creating good software.



Date: 13th – 18th November 2016
Venue: Orlando, FL
Here you will be able to discover the latest best practices in software development. The event brings people together to deliver software with greater speed. You will learn from industry experts how your organization can apply the concepts of DevOps to improve time to market and reduce lead time.

By attending these events, you will be able to advance your career in technology. These events provide the opportunity to learn from the industry leaders. You must make time to attend these events.