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When it comes to purchasing a computer, most consumers assume that they have to settle for the pre-built options that are offered by major manufacturers online and at electronics retailers. This is actually not true, however, as a thriving custom built PC industry exists around the world, able to secure the necessary parts for a lesser amount and promote the building of a more customised, more powerful computing experience. The benefits of this process are numerous, and all types of computer users can enjoy them.

PC Parts are Cheaper When Used in a Custom Built PC

Major computer companies are in the business of turning a profit, and they do this by increasing the cost of their PCs well over the basic cost of the parts. This is known as the “margin” and it represents the easiest path for companies to generate a real amount of revenue during each sale. When a custom PC is built, the parts are purchased directly from the manufacturer. There is no additional overhead, meaning the cost is significantly reduced.

No Second-Hand Parts When Building a Custom PC

Refurbished laptops and computers are essentially used items, having already been displayed on store shelves or used by a prior generation of users. That’s not the best situation, and it doesn’t have the “new computer smell” that many people like when buying a new system. In order to get a refurbished price, without actually using refurbished systems, a custom PC is the answer. Unlike refurbished computers, every component in a custom-built model is brand new and designed to last for a long time. It’s a better overall value for consumers.

Only the Parts and Features Needed

When customers buy a pre-built PC from a major manufacturer, they’re essentially allowing that company to tell them exactly what features they need and want in their computer. The problem, of course, is that most people want to go high-end on some features while leaving others a little less robust. Companies prefer that consumers either buy a budget model or a high-end model, with very little room for compromise or customisations.

With a custom model, customers can add all of the high-end components that they need and they can save costs by eliminating the ones that they don’t need. A cheap computer can be both highly capable and easily affordable in this case.

Plenty of Benefits for All Kinds of Users

A custom built PC offers all users the chance to enjoy a cheap computer that performs better than the more expensive pre-built models. It’s flexible enough to meet very specific demands, whether that means increased storage or ample hard disc space, and it can be assembled even more quickly than one pre-built can be bought and shipped. With careful planning and shopping, the parts required will save a significant amount of money without sacrificing computing power and viability.

Benefits of a Custom Built PC

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