Asus has recently announced that they are launching a new 6-inch smartphone that’s packed with powerful specs specifically for gamers. Asus will be the first ever to launch a phone that’s powerful enough for gaming. The device will cover everything that players look for which includes an HDR display, a powerful processor and a fast response rate for smooth gameplay.

There’s, even more, to look forward to as they’ve added a useful feature that allows more flexibility for gamers while playing and holding the device. The feature is called ‘Air Trigger’ touch sensors which are designed to let players choose their display for gaming mode. It allows them to choose between a portrait or a landscape mode. This means that gamers can either play with one thumb or both of their hands depending on their chosen display.

The new mobile gaming phone will also have added extra features including a 3D vapour chamber cooling system which will help gamers play for longer hours without overheating. They will be installing some carbon cooling pads and a copper heat spreader to help cool the device down during gameplay.

Other extra things include a 4000mAh battery that comes with an adapter that enables faster charging. It also has a 12-megapixel camera on the back and 8-megapixel camera on the front phone. And lastly, this new gaming phone is not complete without a front stereo speaker.

The new ASUS mobile gaming phone is indeed something to look forward to especially for any game enthusiast. It’s a compact mobile gaming device that can be used anywhere and are perfect for commuting or travelling. It’s a small device that’s packed with every essential feature you need for gaming. A rumour says the gaming mobile phone will be out sometime in 2018. However, there’s not been any news regarding the pricing.

Asus New Mobile Phone for Gamers

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