Chromebooks are increasingly becoming popular as the year passes. Chromebook was launched by Google back in 2011. They wanted to build a laptop that runs on their own system called the Chrome OS. It has a built-in app that can be used online or offline. It can also run all Google applications and other android apps. It’s a very simple system that uses less hardware compared to your regular laptops such as Windows or Mac. If you’re only looking to surf the web or check your emails, Chromebook may be your best bet.


One of the benefits of Chromebook is that they are inexpensive and affordable compared to your regular laptop. Prices start from as low as £200 up to £500. Another advantage is that it has a longer battery life as it doesn’t run on heavy software or programs. It’s also built-in with Google applications and other apps such as YouTube, Skype and Email.

The simplicity of Chromebook is another selling point for anyone who doesn’t need to run large software or applications. Furthermore, most chrome books are lightweight and slim, which makes it a great portable laptop.


Chromebooks cannot run large applications as you can with Windows or Mac. For instance, you won’t be able to install window or mac programs such as Adobe, Microsoft and any other similar programs. Chromebook can’t run on all android apps, however, Google is still working on this as we speak. In the future, they aim for all Chromebooks to be able to run all android applications.

Popular Chromebooks

If you think Chromebook is for you, we recommend several Chromebook laptops that you can buy online or from your local retailer. Currently, Acer and Lenovo Chromebook prove to be an excellent Chromebook for first-time buyers. It’s affordable, and prices start from £200 up to £350. Another great brand is the Asus Chromebook which has excellent performance and affordable prices too.

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