A laptop may get slow for various reasons. If the speed of the laptop decreases, it will affect your work. So, we need to speed up the machine. Here are seven ways to tune up Dell laptop.

Limit startup processes


There are many programs which install side processes that run every time the PC starts. You don’t need some of these things all the time. If you have Windows 10 on your laptop, you can use the updated Task Manager to stop these unnecessary programs. You should press Ctrl-Shift-Esc to call the Task Manager. Switch to the Startup tab where you will see the programs that load at Windows startup. The status column displays whether the program is enabled to run at startup or not. You can change this status by right click.

Clean up disk


You should type Disk Cleanup from the Start menu. This feature finds out unwanted junk and temporary files, installer files, and Web pages and offers to delete them.

Check for viruses and spyware


You can get a third party app or use the built-in Windows Defender to check for viruses and spyware. You should use ongoing anti-malware protection.

Change power settings to increase performance


If you want to save electricity, then it’s not a good choice. But this option can increase the speed of your computing. You should go to the Control Panel /System and Security/ Power Options. Select the ‘high performance’ option.

Use the performance troubleshooter


In the search box near the Start button, type troubleshooting. Under the System and Security, you will see ‘Check for performance issues.’ Run the troubleshooter to find out if something is wrong.

Change appearance in Performance Options Dialog


You should write ‘adjust appearance’ in the search box next to the Startup menu. You can select the option ‘Adjust for best performance’.

Turn off search indexing


The search engine can eat up system resources. You need to open the Indexing Options Panel window. You should click on the ‘Modify and remove’ option.

These are the seven ways you can boost the performance of your laptop. You should always make sure that your laptop works well so that you can do your work in the laptop efficiently.

7 ways to tune up Dell laptop

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