The best camera phone in the market

iphone 11

There have been several new launches of smartphones this year. With plenty of options, it can be difficult to choose which phone to buy. If you are after the best camera phone, it’s essential to check and compare the specification before you decide to buy. To help you with your search, we’ve gathered the best camera phones in the market.


The Huawei brand has been known for having some of the best camera phones from the past. This year they’ve launched the Huawei P30 Pro. The new Huawei phone offers the best zoom capabilities along with a powerful spec and an amazing low light photography. It’s been recently launched hence why the price tag is quite hefty. However, it’s definitely worth the money.

Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus

Samsung is upping their game this year with the new Galaxy 10 Plus. Their previous Galaxy phones already offer excellent camera quality; however, the Galaxy 10 plus is an upgrade and will exceed your expectations. It has a versatile triple rear camera set up with a featured-packed video spec which is excellent for both photography and video uses. If you’re a Samsung fan, it’s worth upgrading to Galaxy 10 Plus if you’re looking for a better camera and video quality.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

We can’t forget the apple iPhone 11 Pro which has just recently launched this September. The previous iPhones weren’t considered the best camera phones͖ however, their good image quality has been consistent for the past years. With the new iPhone 11, they made some serious updates on the camera specs. The new phone is now built-in with a triple camera array, along with an ultrawide camera screen and sharper image quality. With the new camera upgrades, you’ll have more flexibility and better image quality. The only thing you’ll need to consider is the premium price as other phone cameras from Samsung and Huawei are much cheaper and are just as good.

All about Chromebook


Chromebooks are increasingly becoming popular as the year passes. Chromebook was launched by Google back in 2011. They wanted to build a laptop that runs on their own system called the Chrome OS. It has a built-in app that can be used online or offline. It can also run all Google applications and other android apps. It’s a very simple system that uses less hardware compared to your regular laptops such as Windows or Mac. If you’re only looking to surf the web or check your emails, Chromebook may be your best bet.


One of the benefits of Chromebook is that they are inexpensive and affordable compared to your regular laptop. Prices start from as low as £200 up to £500. Another advantage is that it has a longer battery life as it doesn’t run on heavy software or programs. It’s also built-in with Google applications and other apps such as YouTube, Skype and Email.

The simplicity of Chromebook is another selling point for anyone who doesn’t need to run large software or applications. Furthermore, most chrome books are lightweight and slim, which makes it a great portable laptop.


Chromebooks cannot run large applications as you can with Windows or Mac. For instance, you won’t be able to install window or mac programs such as Adobe, Microsoft and any other similar programs. Chromebook can’t run on all android apps, however, Google is still working on this as we speak. In the future, they aim for all Chromebooks to be able to run all android applications.

Popular Chromebooks

If you think Chromebook is for you, we recommend several Chromebook laptops that you can buy online or from your local retailer. Currently, Acer and Lenovo Chromebook prove to be an excellent Chromebook for first-time buyers. It’s affordable, and prices start from £200 up to £350. Another great brand is the Asus Chromebook which has excellent performance and affordable prices too.

Benefits of a Custom Built PC

custom built pc

When it comes to purchasing a computer, most consumers assume that they have to settle for the pre-built options that are offered by major manufacturers online and at electronics retailers. This is actually not true, however, as a thriving custom built PC industry exists around the world, able to secure the necessary parts for a lesser amount and promote the building of a more customised, more powerful computing experience. The benefits of this process are numerous, and all types of computer users can enjoy them.

PC Parts are Cheaper When Used in a Custom Built PC

Major computer companies are in the business of turning a profit, and they do this by increasing the cost of their PCs well over the basic cost of the parts. This is known as the “margin” and it represents the easiest path for companies to generate a real amount of revenue during each sale. When a custom PC is built, the parts are purchased directly from the manufacturer. There is no additional overhead, meaning the cost is significantly reduced.

No Second-Hand Parts When Building a Custom PC

Refurbished laptops and computers are essentially used items, having already been displayed on store shelves or used by a prior generation of users. That’s not the best situation, and it doesn’t have the “new computer smell” that many people like when buying a new system. In order to get a refurbished price, without actually using refurbished systems, a custom PC is the answer. Unlike refurbished computers, every component in a custom-built model is brand new and designed to last for a long time. It’s a better overall value for consumers.

Only the Parts and Features Needed

When customers buy a pre-built PC from a major manufacturer, they’re essentially allowing that company to tell them exactly what features they need and want in their computer. The problem, of course, is that most people want to go high-end on some features while leaving others a little less robust. Companies prefer that consumers either buy a budget model or a high-end model, with very little room for compromise or customisations.

With a custom model, customers can add all of the high-end components that they need and they can save costs by eliminating the ones that they don’t need. A cheap computer can be both highly capable and easily affordable in this case.

Plenty of Benefits for All Kinds of Users

A custom built PC offers all users the chance to enjoy a cheap computer that performs better than the more expensive pre-built models. It’s flexible enough to meet very specific demands, whether that means increased storage or ample hard disc space, and it can be assembled even more quickly than one pre-built can be bought and shipped. With careful planning and shopping, the parts required will save a significant amount of money without sacrificing computing power and viability.

How to Buy & Build a Custom PC


Customers who have decided to forego the market for refurbished laptops and desktop computers can easily build their PC by following just a few simple steps. It all begins with shopping, and it all ends with custom configuration and assembly. With the general guidelines below, a custom computer will be easy to assemble and ready to enjoy in no time.

Step 1: Shop for a Case

Custom PCs do not naturally come with a case to hold all of the components, so those building their own machine will get to pick out exactly how the computer will look. Whether it’s black, white, or one of several different colours, and whether it’s tall, short, or thin, the case will represent the first step in the building process.

Step 2: Buy the Components

Next, it’s time to buy the PC parts that will allow the computer to function. This means selecting a motherboard, a hard disc, RAM, an optical media drive, and other components, that will contribute to the PC’s functions. A processor, typically by AMD or Intel, must also be chosen. The processor will determine exactly how fast the computer is and how quickly it performs tasks. Altogether, all of the components will contribute to the PC’s longevity after it has been assembled and used for the first time.

Step 3: Assemble the Components in the Case

Every case is different, but virtually every case has a very specific area where the motherboard must be placed. After that has been placed into the case, every other component can be routed through the motherboard and held in place using specific brackets and fixtures built into the computer’s shell. Carefully assemble each piece, and be sure to remain free of static electricity. Any static electricity may wipe out circuits and other components, making them virtually worthless.

Step 4: Insert the Power Supply, Close the Case, and Plug it In

The power supply should be inserted last, in many cases, and it should be done very carefully. The power supply is a high-voltage piece of equipment and, in some cases, it can shock the person installing it. Avoid static electricity and follow the safety procedures set forth in the power supply’s guide. Next, close up the case and prepare to plug it into an electrical source. With all of the plugs and cables in place, the computer is ready for general use.

Step 5: Turn the PC on and Enjoy

Finally, turn the computer on and await the moment of truth. If everything has been installed properly, it will be lightning fast, very affordable, and ready to perform any task the user can throw on it. If everything works, it’s time to enjoy having built a custom PC for the very first time. Congratulations!

Asus New Mobile Phone for Gamers


Asus has recently announced that they are launching a new 6-inch smartphone that’s packed with powerful specs specifically for gamers. Asus will be the first ever to launch a phone that’s powerful enough for gaming. The device will cover everything that players look for which includes an HDR display, a powerful processor and a fast response rate for smooth gameplay.

There’s, even more, to look forward to as they’ve added a useful feature that allows more flexibility for gamers while playing and holding the device. The feature is called ‘Air Trigger’ touch sensors which are designed to let players choose their display for gaming mode. It allows them to choose between a portrait or a landscape mode. This means that gamers can either play with one thumb or both of their hands depending on their chosen display.

The new mobile gaming phone will also have added extra features including a 3D vapour chamber cooling system which will help gamers play for longer hours without overheating. They will be installing some carbon cooling pads and a copper heat spreader to help cool the device down during gameplay.

Other extra things include a 4000mAh battery that comes with an adapter that enables faster charging. It also has a 12-megapixel camera on the back and 8-megapixel camera on the front phone. And lastly, this new gaming phone is not complete without a front stereo speaker.

The new ASUS mobile gaming phone is indeed something to look forward to especially for any game enthusiast. It’s a compact mobile gaming device that can be used anywhere and are perfect for commuting or travelling. It’s a small device that’s packed with every essential feature you need for gaming. A rumour says the gaming mobile phone will be out sometime in 2018. However, there’s not been any news regarding the pricing.

Dell Laptop


dell laptop

If you travel frequently, whether for business or pleasure, chances are, you will appreciate the practicality of having a quality laptop available to you. As you research your laptop purchase, you will first want to consider what type of performance you expect and require from your laptop. A great feature about Dell’s website is that it allows for customization on every part of your laptop purchase. This makes it possible to build your Dell laptop’s configuration depending on your specific computing needs. Specify the processor, operating system, memory, LCD screen, software offerings, and much more. Once you have the core of your machine built, Dell can suggest popular add-ons so that you get the most usage and enjoyment out of your laptop. Load down your laptop with Microsoft’s Office software, a docking station, wireless devices, portable storage options, or even an extended warranty.

There are many options and configurations to choose from as you make your purchase, and Dell can guide you through the process. If you know exactly what your needs are, chances are that Dell has a laptop product available to fit that specific need. For example, if you know that you are going to be doing a lot of gaming, make sure to purchase a laptop with a big screen, massive amounts of memory, and a quality graphics card.

Historically, gamers have tended to be frustrated with laptop offerings because of the small screens and low quality onboard graphics cards. Dell recognized this frustration, and in response, has created a product line specifically targeted at hardcore gamers. Check out the Alienware line of Dell laptops to suit your gaming needs. If cost is not a concern, then start with the top of the line product – the Alienware M17x model. The main feature of this model is that it has 3D graphics capability, which brings the gaming experience to a whole new level.

If your needs are strictly business, then Dell has you covered as well. Consider something in Dell’s Z series to fit your business needs. These are thin models which make them extremely portable and convenient. All Dell laptops come wireless and webcam ready, which will make the setup for online meetings quick and easy. Check out Dell’s website for discounts and promotions on laptops. If you work in education, government, or healthcare, you may find a great deal on a great Dell laptop.

Dell Monitors

dell monitor

Greatly increase the quality of your desktop computing experience by simply combining your desktop machine with the right Dell monitor. Choose from a wide selection of Dell monitors to go along with your desktop computer. As you perform the necessary research to select your monitor, carefully consider the amount, and type of usage that you anticipate.

For example, if you find yourself working on multiple spreadsheets and web pages, consider a dual monitor desktop configuration. Many offices have moved to dual monitor configurations in order to realize increased productivity in their employees. Leaving a dual screen environment and then downgrading to a single monitor home environment can be a disappointing letdown. Users who multitask a great deal find that this configuration increases their productivity tremendously. Many users find that they want to maintain this increased production in their personal life as well, and so they find themselves considering dual monitors at home. Remember that price does not have to be a hindrance in building a dual monitor configuration with Dell. LCD computer screens have come down in price tremendously, so you should be able to make this configuration work within your budget. Keep in mind that Dell monitors come in various sizes and shapes. This means that you will need to consider the amount of physical space available to you as you sketch out your configuration, and make your purchase. Dell allows customers to shop by functionality, size or price in order to select a monitor that best suits your individual needs.

For more multimedia oriented users, consider purchasing a widescreen, touchscreen lcd monitor or high definition monitor. Dell has several high definition monitor models to select from to fit your multimedia needs. With this configuration, your computer can easily double as a high quality multi-media centre for you and your family. Asking your computer to pull double duty can make it possible to reduce your family’s cable or satellite television programming. Instead of paying for high definition or premium programming, enjoy streaming audio and video online – often for free. Dell’s UltraSharp monitors provide the highest quality colour and performance that Dell has to offer, while the IN Series monitors provide the HD experience for consumers who find themselves on a budget. Look for price breaks and other special offers such as fast shipping as you make your monitor purchase. Complete your home desktop configuration with a Dell monitor.

Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know You Needed

We often find ourselves rushing through work on a laptop and stumbling through some awkward sequences of button-pushing in order to get something done quickly. The problem with specifically using a laptop is that you normally have to move your hand between the touchpad and the mouse to switch between them, or move the cursor between completely different areas of the screen with fast-paced precision.

What if there was a more convenient way to do many of those things that you never even realised? Check out this list and see if you learn any that you can put to good use.

Back – Alt + Left

Many of us may be used to using the backspace key to go back while browsing the web, but this function can be inconsistent and isn’t useful if you’ve selected an area that can be typed on. This dedicated shortcut may be a better choice.

Reopen last tab – Ctrl + Shift + T

This is one of the most useful keyboard shortcuts we’ve found. When you’re multi-tasking in a web browser, closing something important is an easy mistake to make. This key combination restores the last tab you had open (and if you keep pressing, it works backwards through your recently closed pages).

Find – CTRL + F

This is an extremely useful command that works in web browsers, word processors, messaging clients and many more everyday apps. This makes picking out relevant terms much faster than relying on skim reading.

Highlight – Shift + Left/Right

Ever had the frustration of trying over and over again to highlight a particular piece of text in the middle of a paragraph? To do this more accurately, train yourself to forget clicking and dragging. Hold shift and use the arrow keys to precisely highlight a snippet.

Paste without formatting – Ctrl + Shift + V

Most of us are familiar with Ctrl + V as a paste shortcut, but what if you need to remove formatting before doing that? You can paste into Notepad or another area that doesn’t support rich formatting before copying and pasting again, but who has the time? In Chrome or Firefox, hold shift when you paste to skip this step.

Snap – Windows + Left/Right/Up/Down

Windows 10 makes it easy to arrange your windows side by side on a messy desktop with this little-known feature. If you hold the Windows key, you can use the arrows to cycle through different configurations for your currently selected window. It takes seconds to snap all your windows into a sensible combination without having to click and drag the edges.

Popular Laptops For Summer 2017

Some market leaders from the past year are currently available at much better prices than when they were first released a few months ago. It’s a great time to buy, so take advantage of the current competitive market and consider some of these great models when you’re shopping for your next laptop.

Dell XPS 15

Dell is a real powerhouse when it comes to the big laptop brands, and they released a wide range of offerings in the past year, but the XPS 15 is one of the best on the market despite being available from the end of 2015. It’s now come down a little in price from many retailers, and if you’re looking for a high-performance device to get the most out of Windows 10, you may be onto a winner here.

HP Spectre 13

More than just a gimmick (being the world’s thinnest and most lightweight laptop that isn’t a Macbook), this extremely high quality release from HP proved it was more than capable of taking on its rivals at the higher end of the market for Windows laptops. In our opinion, it actually beats the Dell XPS 15 in terms of value for money.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1

This hybrid device is another one at the more expensive end, but if you get yourself one of these this year, you’re in for a treat. A business-standard device that focuses on functioning as a laptop while providing fantastic tablet functionality too, Lenovo did an incredible job to pull off this design while only compromising slightly on hardware power.

Asus ZenBook Flip UX360CA

This is further proof that laptop-tablet combinations have finally reached the point where they can really offer something special to users. Notable features here include a long battery life and better performance than most rivals in the same price bracket.

The best gaming laptop


There are many new releases of powerful laptops in 2016. But what’s the best choice to use for gaming? In the following lists below, we will look at some laptops that’s excellent for gaming purposes.


A factor to keep in mind is the quality of graphics. The graphics play a significant part on the smoothness in gaming. Most laptops are currently running a chip from Nvidia 800 or 900 series. Nvidia is a fairly decent graphic card for most laptops. Other important aspects of gaming include screen resolutions, battery life, storage space and sound systems.


Dell Inspiron 15 7559 – This last year’s release from Dell proves to be a survivor for gaming. It contains a powerful discrete graphics which any gamers would be happy to have. The pricing currently ranges from £700-£900 which may be a bit pricey but well worth the money.

Dell XPS 15 9550 – The Dell XPS is a versatile laptop to have. The system comes with a powerful CPU and a competent discrete graphics. Furthermore, the laptop is lightweight and slim. Most of all it contains a long battery life which is ideal for gamers. However, this great laptop comes at an expensive price starting from £1000 upwards.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 – Many HP laptops are built in with Nvidia Graphics. Pricing start from only £600 which is relatively cheap. It is a practical laptop and can perform well with a few upgrades on storage. Overall a good buy for its price.

HP Omen 15-5001na – The HP Omen is a nice buy if you are looking for a stylish built and a speedy gaming experience. Other than that it comes with features that aren’t necessary at all for gaming. For its price, it is fairly expensive costing at £1300 due to its extra features.

All in all, your gaming laptop will all depend on your budget and your gamin preference. Be sure to look at the specification in details to find the right one for you.